tutorial: making crackship gifs

While trying to help a friend out, I realized that it could be a little difficult by just giving steps without actually having screencaps.  So this is Racie trying to be helpful and organized today.  

what i am using:
photoshop cs6
this psd
gifs wanted for crackship



{step one.}

Acquiring the gifs!  

This is the part where you pick out the gifs you want for the crackship.  I’m feeling random today and since I’m biased towards certain actors & actresses, I’ll be making a combination of an Angel Coulby and Paul Wesley gif.  

These are the gifs I’m using:

Go ahead and pick out yours.  :}

note: These gifs are different quality, different colors, different timings and different sizes.  I did that deliberately because then I may be able to cover a lot of ground with this tutorial.

{step two.}

First we want to resize the gifs properly because nothing’s really going to workout otherwise, right?  As it turns out, my Paul Wesley gif is 245x245.  Yay!  A square!  since that gif is the smallest, I want my Angel Coulby gif to be the same (her gif is 500x278).  

So, first will be cropping!  Go to the left sidebar and click on the Crop Tool.  

Since the smallest gif I am transforming is 1x1 (square), the settings for this gif will be as well.  This is located beneath the top bar after you click the Crop Tool.

So now position the crop wherever you need.

Press Crop and it should have slimmed the gif down.

Now we’re going to quickly resize it to the dimensions so it matches the other gif.

Yay!  Now it matches the other gif.  So here we are with both side by side.


{step three.}

So now that we’re done with the whole resizing portion, let’s quickly get the coloring portion.   I’m going to start with the Paul gif.  

With the psd I have, it has a black and white gradient that saves my life.  

Then drag it over to the gif.  Make sure the gradient is AT THE TOP of the frames. Otherwise, it won’t show up.

This is what I have:

Now is time for Angel’s gif!  Since it’s already black and white, I want to make it match Paul’s.

I use this feature made for Photoshop called Topaz Denoise, however you can do anything.  Usually, if I don’t use this feature, I would use a whole lot of brightness/contrast tools.  This, of course, is an optional step.  Because I’m picky, I want the gifs to match a little.

{step four.}

Finally!  We get to the part where we merge the gifs.  

Go ahead and make a New Image.  Make sure it’s the same dimensions of your gifs.

Okay, so now we’re going to select all the layers of one of our gifs.  You can do this by clicking on the first frame, press shift while clicking on the last frame.  

Do the same to the other gif.  Now I would have the gifs side by side, much like you do when bringing a color psd to an image.  Next to the New Image, drag your layers over to it.  Make sure it’s the first gif, otherwise, things could get more tedious.

I haven’t found a better way for that yet.  If you know a better way or wanna go research it yourself, please do!  Because this next part sucks.

Using Free Transformation (Edit > Free Transformation), go ahead and get all the layers readjusted.

Now do the same for the other gif.  (Just a small note: I placed the frames into groups because I felt it would be cleaner for the sake of the tutorial; if you need me to tell you how to do that, I will gladly show you.)

All right.  So both are in the same place.  Phew.  

Now we go to Create Frame Animation.  If it isn’t showing up at the bottom of your window, simply go to Window > Timeline.

Now we’re going to the corner of the animation frame and going to Make Frames From Layers.

Whoa~  Now we’re getting somewhere!  Now all our frames are in the same place.  

But now I’d like to make them the same time.  So by selecting the first frame and pressing shift, I’ll go to the very last frame, selecting all the frames.

Press where it says 0 sec. (on any frame) and determine how fast you want your gif to be.  

I chose .07 sec.

Make sure the gif is looped on Forever when you test your gif.

Now Save For Web, make sure it’s under the tumblr mark (so it doesn’t freeze) and save!

My end result?

Yay!  Any problems?  Just go ahead and ask me.  I don’t mind.

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